Post Six. Update, Tonsillitis Still.

I saw my GP today.

At my last appointment, last week, my tonsils were looking less swollen, and my temperature was normal. Today’s appointment was booked weeks ago, well before my tonsils were an issue. I’d considered cancelling but we kept the appointment so she could check that my tonsils were still behaving.

I went into my appointment telling her that I now just felt ME unwell, I didn’t have a temperature (not that I’d checked but I didn’t feel like I did) and while I still had a consistently sore throat I guessed it was leftover tonsillitis sore throat, or normal ME sore throat (a sore throat is a daily symptom). It was to my complete surprise that I do in fact have a temperature, the highest it’s been yet, and my tonsils are swollen again, particularly the left one. Given it’s now been 6 weeks or so that I’ve had tonsillitis, a month since I first went to my GP about it, and it’s not responding to antibiotics, I’ve been referred to an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist). She suspects I’ll soon be saying goodbye to my tonsils. Horrific is how she has described a tonsillectomy in an adult. So, a horrific tonsillectomy on top of ME, awesome.

So far in my ME journey I’ve been lucky and not caught any viruses or infections (until now of course). But I’ve always been wary about catching something. Thanks to ME, my immune system is compromised, therefore, when I catch a bug, it’s likely that it will affect me more than a ‘healthy’ person. For example, someone with ME has a 40% more chance of dying from the flu than a healthy person. And to think I’ve previously  been called ‘precious’, over my (entirely justified, I think) fear of catching a bug.

For the last few days I’ve thought I felt normal, and by normal I mean normal for ME, I’ve felt unwell, normally unwell. Again I’ve been tricked. I’ve become so used to feeling this shitty that I don’t even notice when I have a temperature and tonsillitis. I think most people notice when they have tonsillitis.

I’m sick of this. I just want to feel well again.

2 thoughts on “Post Six. Update, Tonsillitis Still.

  1. Phoebe (I’m guessing that is your name), your sister Emma passed your blog link to me on fbook via a page we are both on. Your honesty and words are wonderful. I have been diagnosed recently and while I have not experienced the same extent of illness your cries of I just want to feel well again. I wish you all the best. It has been good for me to feel like what I am feeling is not just me. Thank you

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    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comments. I started this blog to try to help the non-ME people of the world to better understand. I hadn’t considered that it could help the newly diagnosed. I’m sorry that you also have this horrid illness. If you haven’t already, I’d recommend joining a local support group, especially one that has a Facebook group (maybe more important for the housebound). The Edinburgh ME Self-Help Group has been my lifesaver. It’s so important not to feel alone, especially at the beginning. Take care. x


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